About Living Power

  • Living Power Ministry is a redemptive ministry focusing on understanding and meeting the needs of interpersonal relationships such as couples, parents and children, and other family members as well as, to foster a spiritual social network for singles within the church.
  • The Purpose of Living Power is to equip individuals and families with relevant Biblical truths and healthy family skills so as to empower them to successfully deal with the challenges of family living and faith development. While therapeutic efforts are important for those experiencing mental or emotional unease, prevention of individual and familial distress must be viewed as the primary goal. Truly an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.
  • The Mission of Living Power is to help family members grow in faith, in God, love for each other, and understanding of what it means to be the domestic church during the various states of the family life cycle.  The ministry encourages families, in all their many forms, to grow and be formed in keeping with Gospel values, and then to act upon those principles.
  • Living Power Services includes, and not limited to: premarital guidance to couples before marriage; marriage strengthening through marriage seminars; parental education, outreach to families through family life conferences and revivals, and marital counselling to address challenges couples might be having, single parents conferences, your premarital seminars, etc.


About our Founder, Speaker & Director – Evangelist Mashudu JM Ravhengani


• He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town.
• He is an author, evangelist and marriage counsellor, and has been active in public evangelism and family life ministry for more than 20 years.
• He is internationally renowned; he has ministered in the USA, Europe and in many countries in the African continent.
• He is a highly sought out speaker for crusades, family life seminars, revivals and church conferences.
• He has been featured in a number of Radio and TV programmes, locally and in the neighbouring countries
• He is the author a book “Unleashing the Marriage Potential”.
• Twenty years ago he got married to Machaka, and they are blessed with one daughter, Gundo, and two sons, Dakalo and Thendo.

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