Delinquent Fathers

  • A man who doesn’t support and take care of his kids is not a man.
  • In the age free condoms and fancy expensive condoms of all kinds, why make babies that you won’t take care of?
  • As a father, I find great joy in taking care of my kids. Why would a man be forced by a court to take care of his own?
  • How can a man claim to be a Christian and pray “Our father who art in heaven” when he is failing to be a father who art in Joburg.
  • These delinquent fathers have the nerve to want to come into their children’s life after 25 years when they seem to be successful
  • Many of the delinquent children are the result of delinquent fathers.
  • The worst I’ve heard of these delinquent fathers was one who resigned from work so that he doesn’t get to pay “papgeld”.



Expectations in Marrriage

Expectations in Marriage

There are certain things that drive and motivate people to get married, and even to marry a particular person. Beyond the wedding day, there are many expectations that we have of marriage. Some of the expectations are based on ignorance of what marriage is, and can also be based on the fact that we have little knowledge of the other person. Some of expectations are reasonable and some are unreasonable. The expectations are sometimes based on what has been promised, what the Bible says, what we have seen at home or in other marriages that we admire. But mostly, they are the result of our own dreams about marriage, our own fantasies. It is unfortunate that at times these dreams have turn into never ending nightmares.

If when you give the best of yourself

Many would remember the song “If when you give the best of your service, telling the world…
Let’s apply it to marriage to encourage someone, after all marriage is part of the journey to heaven.
“If when you give the best of yourself, loving, caring and supporting your spouse, don’t be dismayed when he/she does not love you back. God will understand and say well done….”

The devil does not fight fair

As Christians we need to know that our enemy, the devil, does not fight fair. If you expect him to be honest, to at least be fair or reasonable, then he won’t be the devil. He will do whatever it takes, in whatever way, using whoever, to try to bring you down.



Reaching out to someone

Reaching out to someone (estranged friend, a colleague with issues, in-laws who don’t like you, etc.) is a risk. It is painful to try and get rejected. But if you never try, you’ll never know the joy that peace and reconciliation brings. Moreover, “blessed are the peace makers”