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  • A man who doesn’t support and take care of his kids is not a man.
  • In the age free condoms and fancy expensive condoms of all kinds, why make babies that you won’t take care of?
  • As a father, I find great joy in taking care of my kids. Why would a man be forced by a court to take care of his own?
  • How can a man claim to be a Christian and pray “Our father who art in heaven” when he is failing to be a father who art in Joburg.
  • These delinquent fathers have the nerve to want to come into their children’s life after 25 years when they seem to be successful
  • Many of the delinquent children are the result of delinquent fathers.
  • The worst I’ve heard of these delinquent fathers was one who resigned from work so that he doesn’t get to pay “papgeld”.



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