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With regard to marriage, what does it mean to be unequally yoked with unbelievers?
It is common sense to those who grew up in the rural areas.

Firstly, we don’t yoke a cow and a donkey together. A donkey is an unbeliever among cows, and I suppose donkeys also see cows as unbelievers. This means that, first of all, you must find your own kind. Since religion has become more powerful than culture, if you are a Muslim, find another Muslim, if you are a Methodist, find another Methodist, if you are an Adventist find another Adventist, if you are a Zionist, find another Zionist, etc.
Secondly, we yoke together bulls of the same height and strength. If one is tall and the other short, it might break the yoke. If one has more strength than the other, again the yoke can break. Now, even among the Zionists, find one of the same height and strength. Don’t just be content with the idea that you married within your faith. In each faith there are big differences in beliefs and levels of spirituality. In fact, there are unbelievers within each faith, religion or congregation. Therefore, find someone at the same level of belief, spirituality and understanding.


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