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The Cost of Adultery, the Price Tag is misleading!


  • Adultery can be fun, exciting, enjoyable, etc.
  • The cost might seem to be just a few rands /dollars for pocket money, airtime, hairstyles, restaurant dinners, hotel bookings, apartment rentals, car purchases, etc.


But the Real Cost is much bigger

  • The price tag on adultery is incorrect, it is meant to mislead people. The real price is your soul.
  • Adultery shatters trust, intimacy, and love in marriage.
  • It breaks up families, ruins careers, and leaves a trail of pain and destruction in its path.
  • Adultery (combined with HIV) destroys homes, leaving orphans behind and child-headed homes.
  • One loses the respect of the children, friends, relatives, the church, the in-laws, and the community at large.
  • Then there is guilt, humiliation, shame and embarrassment.


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