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Stop crying for chaff

Marriage is meant to be permanent (until death do us part), but relationships before should not be viewed in the same way. In fact, it is better to break a relationship before marriage (even an engagement) than to divorce in marriage. If someone dumps you they might just be doing you a favour, he/she is just proving that he/she was not suitable for you.  If someone takes your boyfriend/girlfriend then you must thank him/her for taken the problem away from you. Sometimes God has to remove chaff from our hands so that He can give us real wheat.

Break ups only prove that you were going out with a wrong person, which means that sooner or later they were going to break your heart, the sooner is better than later.

I think you need to celebrate (not cry for him) because this means that the wrong guy has gone and now God will be able to bring the right person. Your heart is broken because you thought he was the right guy. God might have used whatever disagreement that you had in order to save you from him. If you could know that God might have allowed it so that he can give you someone better, then your heart will be filled with joy.

Obviously I am not familiar with the circumstances that led to your divorce, but one of the highlights of my ministry has being to see people who have being divorced (and separated) reconciling and getting back together.

Having said that, I suppose your experience has taught you that getting married is much easier than staying married. In order to make the second marriage to work it requires at least double the effort of making the first marriage work. Kids, step parenting, and past experiences makes the second marriage a bit more challenging. It can be done and there are many happy blended families.

I am not sure if I have answered the question.


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