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In Matthew 6:33, the Bible says “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

Success and happiness in marriage does not come about with seeking the spouse first, the job first or entertainment first, It all starts with seeking God First.

If your spouse is somehow putting you before God you must be seriously worried.

Marriage should start with the plea to be number two in all things. Seeking to be saved, seeking to walk with Christ, seeking see His face should be the first priority in life.

In Marriage, the spouse and the family, important as they can be, must find their place after God has taken His place.


If your spouse loves you more than he/she loves God you must be very concerned. If your husband loves you so much that he takes God’s tithe and offerings to buy you a new car or to pay for the bond of your beautiful house, you must be very worried for he won’t last. If your wife put material things before God, you must know that even though you are second after material things, soon you will be last or you won’t be in the list at all. We are only safe and secure in our marriages when our spouses love God more that they love us or anything else, therefore what should be first and foremost in marriage should be to encourage each other to love and serve God.


There is a blessing in obeying this instruction; the blessing is that after seeking the Kingdom, you don’t have to seek anything else, for all other things will be added unto you. In marriage, couples are seeking many things: love, joy, peace, happiness, security, comfort and care. These things are all added into those who seek God first.

As the family seek God first, they might face trials, but God will bring then through, they might face storms and God will give them peace in the midst of the storms.

Therefore, Seek God First.


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