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Our God has an amazing sense of humour

I am not too sure if calling it a sense of humour is correct, but maybe I should just say that our God is amazing.

In Exodus 13: 18, The Bible says God led the children of Israel around by the way of the wilderness of the Red sea.  God led them, it didn’t just happen, and they we not lost or misled, God led them, it was a divine directive.

The way of the wilderness (desert)

  • The wilderness has no open roads where two million people can travel easily
  • The wilderness is hot during the day and cold at night,
  • The wilderness has no water and there is no Shoprite, Pick and Pay or KFC on route
  • The wilderness is dangerous, full of snakes and wild animals
  • In the wilderness there is no employment and means for providing for your family

He leads them on the way of the wilderness. Is God leading you around, not direct to your goal, but around on the way of the wilderness?

In God’s own sense of humour,

  • He wants to make a way in the midst of no-way (cul-de-sac), a highway (higher than man’s ways) in the wilderness (place or point of hopelessness); after all He is the Way, the truth and the life.
  • He wants to be a pillar of cloud (air conditioned shade) by day and a pillar of fire (central heating system) by night, a visible and constant presents in your life, for He knows that we need Him in the morning, we need Him at noontime and we need Him through night.
  • He wants to proof to you that it is not your job, your business nor your corrupt tenders that provides your daily bread but it is God who provides your needs 24×7, He is Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord my/your provider!
  • Again He wants to show you that it is not ADT, Anti-hijack, Tracker or other security systems that has been preserving you life, but it is divine protection.
  • He wants those who have been liberated (saved) to know that this world is just a wilderness, there is nothing attractive, not a place of permanent residence, we are just passing through, and we have a home on the other side of the wilderness.

I pray that you might walk in the way of the wilderness and enjoy the blessings (divine sense of humour) in the wilderness.

To be continued…



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