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Our God has an amazing sense of humour Part 2 or Part 0.5

“Let my people go”

Last week we saw how God led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, but before we continue with the story, I just want us to take some few steps back and look at the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt.

At the burning bush God spoke to Moses saying to him ‘Go and tell Pharaoh to let my people go’.

Now, God could have just kicked Pharaoh on his back side and on that very day God’s people would have been freed, but God in his own mercy (sense of humour, if you please) he allowed Pharaoh to play his games. Pharaoh will not allow the slaves to go just like that; he did what he can to keep them, even though God showed him one miracle after another.

  • The miracles were necessary so that Pharaoh, the Egyptians, the Israelites and all of us can see the might power of God, that our God is not limited in power and strength and nothing is too hard for Him.
  • The miracles showed that God is in control of the whole universe: water, frogs, lice, flies etc, obey Him, life and death is also in His hands. Therefore, why should I worry and why should I complain, He’s got the whole world in His hands.
  • 10 plagues or miracles showed God’s patience and determination to save His people from Egypt. God is persistent in trying to get us saved; He tries and continues to try to reach us, and this mail is just another attempt.

Some of us have been enslaved by many habits, the fact is that the enemy will not just let us go; he will fight to keep his slaves. There are many today who are enslaved by the love of money, adultery, materialism, legalism, pornography, gossip, pride etc. Don’t be discouraged if after 8 or 9 miracles you still find yourself waking up in Egypt; God still has one more miracle to make. God wants to give you a special miracle (encounter) from which you will have a testimony that will touch and change the world. Today might just be that day!

Taking about miracles let’s briefly look at how God dealt with the stubborn Pharaoh:

  • After Moses changed his rod into a snake, Pharaoh looked at it and said to Moses, “Boy, do you think that’s something, I can do that also!”
  • After Moses changed water into blood, Pharaoh instead of reversing the process by changing blood into water, he took some water from the fridge and changed it into blood, compounding the problem in trying to prove a point.
  • After Moses brought in the plagues of frogs, Pharaoh also added some more of his own frogs as if the frog situation was not bad enough.

Then God decided (in His divine sense of humour) to up the stakes; I love it! He decided to set the standard of plagues higher, above the reach of Pharaoh and his magicians. He brought in the plague of lice, and Pharaoh and his gang could not duplicate this miracle, in fact, from here onwards they were not able to duplicate any other miracle. Pharaoh’s magicians said it well in Exodus 8:19, “This is the finger of God

  • What a testimony about the power of God. They were saying no man can do this thing; it is beyond what man (even with the assistance of the devil) can do.
  • Moreover, God had not moved on Pharaoh, neither was He moving His hand, but He was just moving His little finger. “This is the finger of God!” What a might God we serve!

You have tried and failed, and you tried again and again you failed, the enemy seems to always reach whatever level of spirituality that you gain and he always finds a way to bring you down, back to slavery. Don’t be discouraged, soon God will lift up a standard against the enemy. God will move His little finger and the enemy will not be able to reach you.

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