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Mighty Men of Valour



A lot of negative things have been said about men, sometimes fairly, and sometimes unfairly. Indeed, there are many wrong things that have been done and are being by men.

But there are many good men out there, mighty men of valour! Men who stand to be counted. Men who are morally and spiritually upright. Men who are strong in the Lord and in His service. Men who are loving and caring to their wives and families. Men who are honest and hard working. Men are there is rearing and raising their kids. Men who protect their wives and children. Men who are devoted priests in their homes who minister in Word and deeds. Men, real men!

Sometimes there are disrespected, uncared for, cheated on, pushed aside, looked down upon, by their wives, children and society, but they remain faithful to God and their calling to be loving husbands and caring fathers.

These my heroes, my role models, mighty men of valour! These are the hope for families, the nation and humanity as a whole.

If you see any of them today, give them a strong handshake, a hug and a kiss (where appropriate)


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