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Marriage is not easy…
It is like a little boat in the midst of the sea carrying two strangers from different backgrounds, lifestyles, personalities, upbringing, and sometimes different cultures and different religions.
• Each of them coming with their own weakness, habits, wounds and scars from the past.
• Each carrying a basket full of expectations that ‘marriage and the other person’ must meet.
• And they must find a way of living together, maintaining the balance, so that the ship does not capsize.

There are days when the sea is calm and the boat sails peacefully. But there are those days, weeks and months when the storms hit the little boat, and it is tossed from side to side. Sometimes it is a tsunami or a hurricane that hits the little boat, and it feels like the boat will be torn apart.
It is then that it makes a difference to have the Master of ocean and sea in the boat. He and only He can talk to the wind, the sea, and the elements and say: “Peace Be Still!”
If you have been in the storm for too long, don’t worry, He cares, Yes, He cares, He knows how much you can bear.
He will calm your storms, but whilst for now the storm continue to rage, He calms His child, till the storm passes over…


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