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Life down here is full of paradoxes, and does seem unfair at times.

You struggle for so long praying for a financial breakthrough as a couple, and when you finally get it, that financial success becomes the very thing that breaks your marriage. You work hard on your job, even sacrificing your family in the process, only to be rewarded with a retrenchment or a dismissal. You try so hard to eat and live a healthy life all your life, you exercise and take care of your body, and then you get diagnosed with cancer that has already advanced. You give your all to your marriage, sacrificing even your career ambitions in order to prioritise your marriage, only to find that your spouse has been having an affair all along. You take your children to the best private schools, paying fees you can’t afford, only for them learn to drink and get addicted drugs at those schools. The young person full of life and vigor dies and sickly parent he was taking care of, continues to live on.

We must realise that after we have done our best, this world is still not our home. We must, as a matter of priority, look for the City with foundations, whose builder and maker is God.


Mashudu J.M Ravhengani

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