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Life and death, all in your sight

  • In Exodus 14:11 the children of Israel said to Moses, “Because there were no graves in Egypt, have you taken us away to die in the wilderness? Why have you so dealt with us, to bring us up out of Egypt?”
  • The Egyptians were approaching fully armed for battle; the children of Israel had no weapon, military skills nor the will to fight the Egyptians and therefore they were terrified. They could not see how they will survive, in their eyes there was no hope, all that lies ahead was death, therefore the complaints about lack of graves in the desert. Now, since they are going to die, in their view it would have been proper to die in Egypt where were they had funeral polices, burial societies and reputable funeral undertakers. After all that God had done this might be seen as a lack of faith, yet to them they would see this as just been realistic.
  • The question is, when you open your eyes what is it that you see, do you see life or do you see death, do you see the dark clouds or you see the silver linings, do you see hope or you see hopelessness. Whatever you see that’s what you’ll find out of life. The children of Israel saw death, they complained about the lack of decent burial ground, they all died in the desert only Caleb and Joshua made it to the Promised Land.
  • Some time ago I met a young man who made a great impression on me, he is HIV positive and yet he is one of the most positive people that I have ever met, he is full of life, he has great plans for the future and he is living his life to the fullest. Every time he wakes up he does not see death, the grave nor is he planning to write his funeral program, instead he sees life, the privilege of been alive, he sees the people that he needs to touch by his life and the many opportunities to be exploited. Others who are in the same status like him can only see is death, so they become depressed, distressed and soon they are dead.
  • If your eyes can still open then that means there is hope for you to see the sun shining, the flower blooming , the baby crawling, the birds flying, Yes! You have the opportunity to see the hand of God in action. Remember that for every sunset there is a sunrise, for every lost opportunity there is a new one waiting to be found, for every tear there is joy waiting.
  • Look above the Egyptians (death) and see the Pillar of cloud (God) where there is life, Life in abundance, Look and live! Look to Jesus and be saved.
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