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Let me live…                                          

  • Lord, I would love to preach,
    • To tell the world the words of salvation.
    • To proclaim the love and the life of Jesus
    • To stand and declare His glory in the grand stands of the world
    • To shout the sounds of salvation around the globe.
  • But above all, let me live the life that I preach to others.
  • Lord, what a privilege it is to teach and instruct others
    • To reveal the revelations of your Word
    • To enlighten the minds of the little ones
    • To stand on crossroads and point the path to the cross
    • To guide and lead men into meaningful life
  • But above all, let me live the life that I teach others
  • Lord, I love to sing the Lord’s song in this strange land
    • To shout about the showers of blessing
    • To resonate the sounds of joy and salvation
    • To reverberate the theme of redemption and restoration
    • To sing about your great faithfulness in the midst of my unfaithfulness
  • But above all, let me live the life that I sing about
  • Lord, I know that knowledge is precious to you
    • I might not have read all the directives found in the Great book
    • I might be ignorant of some important information
    • I might only understand just a part of the puzzle of life
    • I might not have the wisdom of the eastern wise man
  • But Lord, let me live the life based on the little that I know
  • Let me live the life…
    • Let me live it in my home, at work, in the street and wherever I might be
    • Let me live it when I am alone and when surrounded by multitudes
    • Let me live it before my children so they might know the Father above
    • Let me live it before my wife so she could know the Man of Calvary
    • Let me live it before my friends so they could know a better Friend
    • Let me live it before my colleagues so they could know the Cornerstone of life
    • Let me live it before strangers so that they might desire to know my Redeemer
  • Lord, let me live the life!
  • When I have said and done all,
    • and I lay and wait in that cold grave,
    • let be written in invisible words
    • “Here lies a man who lived the life that was worth living!”


Author: Mashudu J.M. Ravhengani


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