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I love you and I will kill you.


Love is a dangerous business. In many cases the person you love is the one who will hurt you the most. And this is because you allow that person to the most sensitive part of your body, the heart.

Last week we received the news reports that a young woman was stabbed to death in Soshanguve allegedly by her boyfriend at a police station in full view of the police. We also heard that a woman was convicted (at the Cape Town High Court) of the murdering her own husband.

There is a need for young people to be very careful when they choose a person to have a relationship with, and even more careful of whom they decide to marry. Some love stories end up being the obituary stories.

However, there are many who are not killed in the same way as the two are above, but instead they are killed through repeated emotional stabbing or through abuse, ill-treatment and neglect, leading to distress, depression, diseases and eventually death.

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