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I am a soldier of the cross


I am born again and baptised by the water the Spirit, Saved and sanctified by the blood of the lamb.

I’ve been in the battlefield for my Lord for a long time, fighting the good fight under the banner of the cross

I’ve been talk-about, back-stabbed, put-down, side-lined, marginalised, but I stand and remain standing on the Rock of my salvation.


I am a soldier of the cross


Faith is my shield, the Word is my sword, Salvation by helmet, Truth my belt, Righteousness my bullet-proof vest, and I wear the gospel gumboots

My fight is not against flesh, I know who my enemy is, and he is that lying, cheating, killing, deceiving, no good devil who has kicked of heaven for been a Satan.

My mission is to attack the colony of the devil with the view of freeing hostages, I am here to depopulate hell and by God’s grace populate heaven.


I am the soldier of the cross


I am a stranger and pilgrim in this world, this world is just a wilderness, there is no abiding city here for me, the houses, land, and material things does not matter to me.

I’ve a home on the other side where gold is used for paving the streets, and jasper is used for “stop-nonsense”, a city with foundations whose builder and maker is God,

Before then I’ve a mission to accomplish, I’ve made up my mind, nothing can stop me, the Lord is my guide and commander, victory has already been guaranteed.

I am the soldier of the cross





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